Hi, nice to meet you

We are Dr. Katie and Dr. Supriya, the doctors behind Tiny Tots ER docs. We are both double board-certified pediatric emergency doctors AND moms to babies and toddlers. We understand first-hand how difficult and stressful it can be to raise young children and feel comfortable about their exploration of the world. Even as doctors, when we first had our sons, we were constantly worried and reassuring EACH OTHER that they were safe and healthy. In fact, our kids are just weeks apart! It was so helpful to have each other in the beginning, and as our children are growing up, we still talk to each other about illnesses and symptoms to make sure we are doing the right thing. And now, we are bringing this best friend relationship to YOU!


We know it’s scary to allow your children to have fun AND keep them safe.

They don’t come with a handbook…


Should I let my kid go to that trampoline birthday party?


Oh no! My kid feels so hot, what should I do?


My kid has a cough, what medicines are safe in children?

We are here to give you research-based medical information so you can learn how to confidently take care of your children at home AND know when to seek medical attention in person. Our goal is to educate all parents and caregivers, empowering you with tools and strategies surrounding your child's illness. 


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