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Welcome to Tiny Tots ER docs, your go-to source for navigating the often-overwhelming world of pediatric medical care. Founded by two double board certified Pediatric Emergency physicians, Dr. Katie and Dr. Supriya, Tiny Tots was born out of a desire to bridge the gap between professional medical advice and parental guidance. Recognizing the unique challenges and anxieties new parents face, they created a platform that combines their medical expertise with a friendly, approachable voice. 


Our Tiny Tote Essentials Kit is a testament to this mission, designed to empower parents with practical tools and knowledge right from the start. Here, we're not just doctors; we're your allies in parenting, providing reliable, compassionate support every step of the way. With Tiny Tots ER docs, you're never alone on your journey into parenthood. For more tips, you can also follow us on Instagram & Tiktok

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Tiny Tote Essentials Kit - Perfect for the New Parent

Each tote comes with a course on when & how to use each product

Fever Management

Acetaminophan (Genexa) 

Oral Syringe

Mini-course on how to use products

In-ear Thermometer (extra)

Upper Respiratory

Nasal Aspirator (Nose Frida)

Saline Drops

Saline Wipes


Simethicone Drops (Gas Drops)

Oral dropper

Hand Sanitizing Wipes


Nail Clipper & Electric File

Diaper cream packets

Antibiotic ointment

Skin moisturizer?

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frequently asked questions

1. What's So Unique About this Kit?

We know this kit is special because we, as both doctors and parents, curated each of the products so that newer parents will have all the tools they need in year 1. There is nothing out there that addresses all 4 areas a baby needs when sick or hurt:  fever, upper respiratory, gastrointestinal and skin. 

2. I Can Buy All These Products Myself, Why a Kit?

We wanted to create a single place that you can buy and store all your essentials for your baby, so whether it's at home, the car, or stroller, you will have the medication and tools on hand. 

3. How Do I Use All These Products?

The great thing about the Tiny Tote is that each purchase comes with access to our free online mini course that Dr. Katie and Dr. Supriya developed discussing each of the products on how and when to use them. 

4. Tell Me More About the Online Courses?

Dr. Katie and Dr. Supriya go through each of the 4 key areas of baby care - fever management, upper respiratory, gastrointestinal, and skin issues in detail along with each of the products we've included in the Tiny Tote to care for those needs. These courses are currently free with the purchase of a Tiny Tote.  

5. Are These Medicines Safe for My Baby?

Everything selected by Dr. Katie and Dr. Supriya meet FDA standards and can often be found over-the-counter at your pharmacy. We've just gone to the effort to curate them all in a cost effective and efficient manner for you. Plus, we've added an easy to carry tote along with online courses to better educate you.

6. Can I Send This as a Gift? Perhaps for a Baby shower

The Tiny Tote actually started as a baby shower gift that Dr. Katie and Dr. Supriya would create themselves for friends and family who were having babies. We decided it was so helpful we've made it available for you to gift as well!

7. How Do You Handle Returns?

We do our best to accommodate, but have restrictions due to packaging requirements from the FDA. We can give partial refunds for items that haven't been tampered with; however its up to the discretion of the return team whether it can be re-used or not. 

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